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RTE 67-74 Tach kit

1967-1974 M4 Mopar tachometer Repair Kit

67-74 Tach Kit

Cost $75

Detailed information

Your original 1967-74 Mopar tachometer has a paper printed circuit board inside it. The original printed circuit board is by now around 35 years old, and many of the electronic components on the board are likely to have degraded over time. The new fiberglass printed circuit board that comes in our kit uses modern integrated circuits that are more reliable and accurate than the original parts. The original circuit board has an adjusting potentiometer that is open to the enviroment, and these pots get noisy and corroded over time. The new circuit board has high quality 15 turn adjustment potentiometers that are sealed from the enviroment, so they should last many years with no problem.Mopar used the same board for all the tachometers in their cars from 1967 to 1974, so this tachometer kit is the one you need for any car from 1967 to 1974. It is also used in the earlier truck tachometers.


Once the tach is removed from the car, it takes about 30 minutes to install the tach board. Since each tachometer meter movement is slightly different, we suggest that you calibrate the tach board using another RPM gauge so that you will have an extremely accurate tachometer. For more information on the installation, see the following links:

Tach Kit Contents: Tach board with detailed printed installation instructions.