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RTE limiter

The only solid state replacement limiter that completely duplicates all of the OEM limiter's functions!

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Which cars use the IVR4?
Installation Manual for IVR4 Limiter

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Which cars use the IVR3?
Installation Manual for IVR3 Limiter

Real Time Engineering has a new solid state limiter that will replace the original mechanical limiter on the back of your dash. This new limiter has many advantages over the original limiter, and also has advantages over the linear regulators that hobbyist have been using as well. The biggest advantage is that our limiter doesn't have a mechanical set of points and a heater wire that can break and fry your gauges (which is what the original mechanical limiter had). This style limiter is also used on the 71-4 Rallye B-body dashes.

Magazine articles about our new solid state limiter

Don't See Your Car Listed

There are a few cars that don't use external limiters, but instead have the limiters built into one of the gauges. The cars that I know about that do this are:
60-65 Abody
68-74 Abody Rallye cluster cars
66-67 charger
older imperials with round style cluster, not sure of the year.
Note that RTE can disable these old limiters and install an external limiter on these cars. RTE also has complete instructions here on how to do this conversion yourself:
Installation manual for replacing limiters built into the fuel gauge: media:InternalLimiterFixUsingIVR3.pdf

RTE also has available limiters that will work in Mustangs and other Ford vehicles.

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