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IVR4 Limiter Technical Information

The only solid state replacement limiter available that completely duplicates all of the OEM limiter's functions.
Also, RTE recommends that you use the RTE_E_Body_Limiter style limiter when replacing limiters that are built into the fuel gage.
Real Time Engineering has a new solid state limiter that will replace the original mechanical limiter on the back of your dash. This new limiter has many advantages over the original limiter, and also has advantages over the linear regulators that hobbyist have been using as well. The biggest advantage is that our limiter doesn't have a mechanical set of points and a heater wire that can break and fry your gauges (which is what the original mechanical limiter had). This style limiter is also used on the 71-4 Rallye B-body dashes.

See more information on what a limiter does, and a description of how the original mechanical limiter worked here in our FAQ: [Limiter FAQ]

Installation manual for IVR4 limiter: media:IVR4LimiterInstall.pdf

Advantages of our limiter over mechanical limiters:

Advantages of our limiter over linear home made limiters: